Educate our boys and young men through summer learning.

Help send adolescent males and young men to the Young Man's Summer Adventure and Youth Institute.

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The YOUNG MAN'S SUMMER ADVENTURE is an opportunity to learn from a rich outdoor camping experience, complete with canoeing, hiking, composting, high rope climbing and environmental education. During this summer adventure, each outdoor activity will give the young men a chance to learn and apply life skills, such as self control, how to be accountable, how to solve problems and how to be a leader.

The YOUTH INSTITUTE is a weeklong campus experience of life skills and leadership training. Imagine never seeing a college campus. For many young men, it would be difficult to even hope or want to go. But you can help create that hope by sending a young man to "college for a week" and help him see that education is an opportunity within his reach, a road to a new and productive life and an experience to enjoy.